Cooking with Kids- 7 Safe Tools for Getting Kids Involved

Cooking with your kids in the kitchen can be a great and fun learning experience and tools that are made for them make it much safer and easier! When kids learn cooking skills with you in the kitchen it’s a great way to bond, have fun, and expose them to new foods. Having the exposure and the pride of having cooked it themselves, they gain interest in trying it! While cooking with kids can be messy and take longer, the outcome is worth it! These are a few products made on a smaller scale that aren’t expensive either and most can be found on Amazon!

kids kitchen counter stool

Adjustable Kitchen Step Stool

The first tool is a an adjustable stool that allows kids from toddlers and up to safely reach the counter top. There are TONS of options in a wide range of prices. This is the one we have and is in the middle price wise. There are ones that fold up that are great space savers. *Note: If you have a climber toddler like me, watch out as they can very easily climb on top of the counter with these.

kids apron

Personalized Apron

While this one doesn’t make it safer, it does make it more stylish. And that wins big points with my daughters. You can have their names embroidered on them which makes them a great gift! Also, as I mentioned before cooking with kids = mess. This will somewhat keep their clothes clean from sticky fingers. They also sell some pretty cute pot holders! This one is from William Sonoma.

Mini Utensil Set and Wooden Rolling Pin

This utensil set and wooden rolling pins are scaled down in size, perfect for small hands! They are great for mixing and stirring everything and rolling out dough for cookies! Not only are they great for cooking with kids but also for rolling out play-dough or stirring kinetic sand!

kids nylon knives

Nylon Knives

One of the biggest fears when cooking with kids is the knife safety. We love these nylon knives. They some in a variety of bright, fun colors and sizes. They also come in dinner knife size for learning to cut their own dinner. They are easy to hold and won’t cut little fingers. They great for softer fruits and veggies.

Wavy Crinkle Cut Chopper and Cookie Cutters

The wavy crinkle cutter is a huge hit in our house for cutting everything from cucumbers, melon, strawberries, bananas, carrots, squash, zucchini, and potatoes. Even toddlers can use it with both hands/arms to press down and a little assistance keeping fingers out of the way.

Lastly, cookie cutters make everything more fun for kids. They come a big bag of all different shapes and sizes. They are stainless steel but have a non-slip plastic grip for easy cutting and protecting small hands.

In addition to these 7 tools, colorful mixing bowls and measuring cups or the animal-shaped tooth picks can bring fun to cooking with kids! Using the cookie cutters and tooth picks can make fun lunch surprises in your kids lunch box! For more lunch packing tips check out my blog here!

While I can’t promise your kids will all of a sudden eat everything you make, they will have fun being in the kitchen where all the action is. Instead of them whining and pushing at your legs (is my 2 year old the only one that does that?) you can bring them up to your level and let them in on the fun!

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